Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the story of broke man tribute to money

You was there for me the jump
I don't know why but i treated you wrong
I throw you away, pushed you to the side
When she showed me her thong
You did everything for me
More then what I did alone
When I need a way to talk
You turned around and got me a phone
You only wanted to stay next to my side
But like a fool I kept you in the back
Now that you no longer here
I'm wishing i had you back
You got me everything I wanted
And gave everything i need
Please forgive me and come back
This right here is Hoody's plea
I see you with other guys
And how happy they be
I cant stop reminiscing
How that guy use to be me
I'm working so hard just have you again
Its like the more i work the more i pay
So this war i may not win
If only only i could go back in time
I would save you for sure
My life is not a happy one
Now that I'm poor.