Tuesday, February 11, 2014

easy chick

Real talk I love me my easy chick  she be mad fun
I just find it hilarious whenever she start talking she's the one
"I be that wifey type," she be saying but me I'm just little curious
You let any nigga smash but you want a real man to take you serious
I just laugh at that thought, "Yo be mad funny"
You say you got standards but you compromise them for some money
I'm not knocking your hustle I'm not knocking your style
But if you put yourself in a situation don't get mad when the world starts talking about you foul.

My facebook friend

I have a facebook friend name Sierra Last name I rather not say
Sierra hit me up on facebook, "Anthony are you ok?"
I know a lot of things about Sierra like one she don't like me
Which got me thinking, "Why the hell did Sierra just write me?"
I replied back to her "I'm good I can't complain."
She said I heard you were crying I said no I just came in from the rain
She said its cool to talk, your emotions are safe with me
I said I don't trust you these feeling are going to stay with me
She said no Trust? I thought we were friends
I replied LOL when did that relationship begin
Ok Sierra heres a test, How often do we text get your phone take a look
The answer should be we don't thats why our friend only exist on the book