Friday, November 21, 2008

Starbucks Queen

I got this friend who is in love with Starbucks... You know how a fean is in need of a hit well that's how she act i mean every time i call her or text her she's always in starbucks or on her way there. i never been much into coffee and i think thats one of the reasons why we never hook up well that and cause she say i'm to old
now before y'all think somethings up with me let me tell you i'm 21 and shes 23
Now my friend like them young i mean younger than me
She told me she like them to the point that they have to illegally buy cigarettes
Shes the only person i know who was class of 2002 and haven't miss a prom since then
I think she got her dress picked out already for this prom
I'm thinking the only reason she got a job as a day care teacher is so she can have someone to talk to in 13 years
Yo i love here she's one of my closest friends i got and when she go to jail i'm going to miss her

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Emikos Werid Unexplained thoughts said...

oh my lol wat a nice comment i must meet this friend of urs great post u finally blogged.