Friday, January 10, 2014


They heard my story, they felt my pain, yet they lost cause i smile
Questions they ask me, "How can you smile when you been in a storm for some time now?"
I smile because I know this storm is bout to pass
I smile because I know that no matter how big the storm can get I have a God that is bigger
I smile because I can stand in the storm and even with the hardest rain, I don't have to worry about getting wet
Cause' I have a God that keeps me dry at all times
I can smile at times when others may feel that I should be depress
Because I trust in my God and know that he will never put a obstacle in my path that I'm not able to over come
While others may only see the things and people that i have lost, I only see the things and the people that are being removed cause they were blocking me from my blessing
Just because they started this race with me does not mean they are going to finish it with me
I'm able to smile because I know its the joy that you get from God and not the material things that matter
So while others may look at my situation and only see what it is, I see what it will be
So while y'all may see a storm, I only see mist

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